About Us

Sustainable logistics

Greener freight logistics that helps your bottom line, the environment and community.

Flexible solutions

Customizable solutions you can trust to fit the demands of your customers.

Supply chain resilience

Reliable logistics solutions to meet the ever-changing market needs of your business.

Cargo Mark Logistics and Shipping Services Company

About Us

Cargo Mark has adopted the principle of providing stable, regular and reliable service by seeing the institutions it serves as a part of itself. Although our company is newly established, it has achieved great success by making agreements with international companies in a very short time.

The main subject of our company is to deliver your cargo by air and sea with international package transportation. Our company safely transports your cargo from one point to another with its professional expert staff, depending on alternative transportation options in line with corporate or individual customer demands.

At the same time, our company provides great support to newly established international trade or e-commerce companies.

Air Freight

The importance of air freight lies in the short duration of arrival, because the service is effective for different quantities and sizes, and at reasonable costs. Turkey has equipped all airports with modern freight systems and advanced technologies.

Sea Transport

Sea freight is an important commercial shipping method due to the possibility of sending loads of various sizes and weights at reasonable and low costs

Land Shipping

Land freight is the most important means of transportation between neighboring countries and within the country itself, as it is the fastest means of transportation for large shipments of large weights.