Sea Transport

Sea freight at Cargo Mark Company

Sea freight is an important commercial shipping method due to the possibility of sending loads of various sizes and weights at reasonable and low costs

It is a main pillar in the business of shipping and logistics services, and it is considered the best mechanism for importing and exporting through it, and it is prepared in a practical and appropriate manner for various shipments and companies in most countries of the world.

Turkey is one of the developed countries that is logistically equipped with many ports and container terminals linking the east and west and has an ideal infrastructure for sea freight.

Here, the main role of the “Cargo Mark” company appears as one of the most prominent shipping companies from the beginning of the purchase decision until receiving it at the customer’s warehouse or headquarters.

“Cargo Mark” company, which is one of the best shipping companies in Istanbul, Turkey, through its offices located in Istanbul, provides sea freight services to and from all seaports around the world.

Our shipping services:

Container sizes

20 ft dry container

40 ft dry container

40 ft high roof dry container